Portagent is an established company facilitating customs clearance operations for automobiles in Germany. The digitalization journey at Portagent began in 2019 when they went from paper to a SharePoint system but soon portagent realized the need for a robust ERP system to keep up their employee’s productivity. The company also aimed to consolidate the existing business and grab new opportunities to grow its business operations.

Portagent reached out to Reverate with their requirements and our team conducted various design and user workshops to understand the pain points and further, we developed Odyssey.

  • Innovation
  • ERP
  • Technology
  • Design

ODYSSEY - Portagent’s custom-built shipment management system

The platform Odyssey enables Portagent to provide the highest level of competence and partnership in port logistics and customs clearance.

Transparent in every step

Odyssey Unlocks the business potential by including external stakeholders which enables them to get real-time business insights.

Optimized internal processes

We replaced the previous SharePoint system which was very slow and had UI/UX limitation with the fast and reliable Odyssey system.

Third-party integration

The system is integrated with multiple third-party API’s to get the regular updates

Business intelligence

The dashboard in the system provides visual analytical charts and custom KPIs that offers insights into the day to day business operations at portagent.

With odyssey, portagent has strengthened its position in the freight forwarding ecosystem. The system helps in collaborating with partners and at the same time reduces the complexity involved in customs clearance procedures.

“The team at Reverate showed deep interest in learning industry knowledge & Business Process and was always willing to back up their promises. The team has been extremely competent, very hard working and an absolute pleasure to work with“
Henryk Founder, Portagent